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New feature: modern French names

… on the French version of the Fantasy Name Generator.


  • Victor Maillot
  • Ysoie Dubois
  • Mathias-Evelyne Reymond
  • Thaïs Franck
  • Pélagie Coelho
  • Odilon-Margaux Deschamps
  • Lydia Besnard
  • Archange Doublet
  • Aristide-Hugo Lacour
  • Laurine Billet
  • Zéphir-Wolfgang Herry
  • Primerose Vignon
  • Ambroisie Blin
  • Job Remoi
  • Baudouin Sylvestre
  • Aurélie Lefebvre
  • Amalthée Bony
  • Zoé-Jean Petit
  • Jonathan Fontaine
  • Léo-Gaël Morel

Enjoy. 🙂 By selecting “medium” or “long” names (which are the same in this case), it’ll generate middle names as well (which are different from compound names, such as Jean-Luc, and which can appear in all name lengths).