FNG new feature: rock band names generator

Yes, not exactly “fantasy”, but it was fun to program, and I’m pleased with the results. Enjoy: Rock Band Names Generator.

Some suggestions may be more appropriate for other music genres, or for Harry Potter-like books, but variety is a good thing. 🙂

6 thoughts on “FNG new feature: rock band names generator

    1. Dehumanizer Post author

      Yeah… I made a bad mistake when I renewed the certificate and chose to replace the old cert with an ECDSA one, which meant generating a new key… but I had configured the site with public key pinning, which meant that browsers would cache the old key’s pin for at least 2 months. I should have generated the new key 2 months before, and added its pin as a backup key to the server, so browsers would cache and know about it in time. New visitors are OK, returning visitors are getting that error. 🙁 I really should do a post here about it, though I don’t know how many people will see it.

      Anyway, this guide shows how to manually delete HSTS (which pinning is a part of) cache entries from Firefox and Chrome, which will make your browser “forget” about the key pinning and be able to access FNG again. You only have to do it once (for any browser that’s accessed the site in the past 2 months). You should delete any keys for “www.fantasynamegen.com” and “fantasynamegen.com”.

      Sorry about this… 🙁

    1. tomfallwell

      Unfortunately, this is not working. I followed directions for Chrome, but Chrome says it is not storing HSTS settings for the site. I still get the ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT error. I tried doing everything I know, but am unable to access. Any other suggestions?

      1. Dehumanizer Post author

        Thanks for not giving up. 🙂 It’s possible that your error has to do with the change of certificate type, instead of HSTS. I googled for that error, and the two causes I found were:

        1- an anti-virus interfering with SSL connections. Try disabling yours for a minute and accessing the site, and see if you still get an error (don’t worry, there are no viruses on the site 🙂 ). If it works, then maybe an anti-virus update will help, if you’re using an older version.

        2- your browser (Chrome uses the certificate store from IE, I think) has some weird CA certificate installed, which it’s trying to use to verify my new certificate, but the new one’s CA doesn’t match it. Did you ever install a root / CA certificate?

        Hope this helps. If not, please let me know!

        1. tomfallwell

          There are many root certificates installed on my system. I tested disabling my anti-virus (ESET), but that didn’t help. I get an error no matter what browser I use, so I suspect it does have something to do with a root certificate, but I have no idea which ones can be safely removed. Do you?

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