New: “Aztec-like” games, improved reptilian names

As I mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the quality / variety of the generated reptilian names. However, I had a thought; besides usually having lots of “esses”, in several fantasy universes, reptilian races are associated, for some reason, with “Aztec-like” cultures (e.g. Warlords Battlecry 3). This has allowed me not only to improve the reptilian names, but also to add a new type, “Aztec-like” names. In fact, the former are currently a “superset” of the latter.

“Aztec-like” names examples:

  • Coātl-li
  • Tōnatpa
  • Iuhahitl
  • Huelizal
  • Texochcuā
  • Cue-lō
  • Huatl-loc
  • Linatno
  • Na-yotl
  • Tlāl-zatl
  • Cauh’li
  • Linoyli
  • Tli’pa
  • Melotlhui
  • Petlico
  • Ca-noch
  • Natato
  • Tlachhuittla
  • Tlah’chi
  • Cicaxōch

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