New on FNG: Superhero / supervillain names

Yes, I’m weird this way. After my previous post, asking for suggestions for new types on FNG, I thought of a potentially interesting type: superhero / supervillain names. This one was enjoyable to do, since I’ve been a superhero comics fan for more than 30 years; it’s fun to see suggestions for characters that sound like the ones I’ve read about since my childhood… or ones that sound completely ridiculous (which is OK, there are precedents).

A few examples:

  • The Undying Storm
  • Whisper Lad
  • Paramour Lass
  • Whisper-Girl
  • The Spectral Wolf
  • Serpent
  • Empathy
  • Child Man
  • Tear
  • Bliss Lad
  • Shield
  • The Predilection
  • The Sunshine
  • Gluttony-Lad
  • The Sharp Poison
  • Captain Poem
  • Jester Girl
  • Resource Man
  • The Small Dawn
  • Flower-Man

Still, my request in the previous post remains: I’d love to hear any suggestions / ideas / questions you may have.