New race: Ratmen

Since most typical races are already done, I had to choose a less common one this time. Still, rats are fun. 🙂


  • Cinrit
  • Kakfe
  • Vossvels
  • Kimeis
  • Tinarr
  • Kiche
  • Chidur
  • Barktuk
  • Sneegesht
  • Thku
  • Rinrisk
  • Kratrats
  • Bliencke
  • Isfe
  • Vrinkmeis
  • Prazki
  • Skikquee
  • Hiskki
  • Rekki
  • Kurik

3 thoughts on “New race: Ratmen

    1. Dehumanizer Post author

      Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 If you mean a static list of common demon names (e.g. Belial, Astaroth, etc.), you’d have better luck find one already existing on the web; anything I did myself would just draw from those sources. If you mean new demon names, that’s an interesting idea. You can already use the “Evil” names type, but maybe a more specific “demonic” type will give better results. I’ll try to add it to the site in a day or two.

    2. Dehumanizer Post author

      Added. These may work better with medium or long names, instead of the default short ones.

      If, instead, you want a list of “actual” demon names, try Wikipedia. 🙂

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