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New site: Nomes para Bebés (and something else…)

As promised, here comes Nomes para Bebés, the Portuguese version of Baby Names Generator. Not a lot to say: mostly the same code, but of course the names list is completely new.

Unrelated to this: since I’ve been taking an ITIL course after work, and there are a lot of terms and definitions to memorize, I was reminded of something I did some 20 years ago, when I was getting my driving license: a program to create multiple-choice tests (randomly from a huge list of questions and answers), present them to users, and score them accordingly. That one was in C, and the code had long been lost in the mists of time, but PHP made it easy to create a web-based version in my free time in a couple of days. The course has since ended, but I was able to show a previous version of it to my classmates, and watching them use it gave me some ideas for improvement, so here is the current version… ITIL learning tools. Enjoy. 🙂